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Thursday, December 19, 2013

So, I made a Santa hat!

I like really slouchy beanies and if you've ever worn a Santa hat, you know they kind of plop onto the top of your head and can be a little unflattering uncomfortable.

I adapted this pattern. You can find my edits after the break!

Follow the pattern as normal for rows 1-4. (I opted not to switch colors and I chained 23 instead of 11 because I wanted a wider brim for my hat. Wider brim = more slouch potential. It's a scientific fact.)

Continue to follow the pattern with the following changes. I made these to 1) suit my big head and 2) allow the hat to sit lower on the top of my head. Starting the decreases later makes the fit a bit more relaxed, but if you want a tighter/higher fit, follow the pattern as written.

Round 1: SC around.
Rounds 2 - 11: SC around.
Round 12: Decrease round. (see pattern).
Rounds 13 - 22: SC around.
Round 23: Decrease round and finish here for a beanie (see pattern). SC through round 25 for Santa hat.
Round 25: Decrease round.
Rounds 26 - 35: SC around.
Round 36: Decrease round.
Rounds 37 - 39: SC around.
Round 40: Decrease round.
Rounds 41 - 43: SC around.
Round 44: Decrease round.
Rounds 45-46: SC around.
Round 47: Decrease round.
Round 48 - 49: SC around.
Round 50: Decrease round.
Rounds 51 - 52: SC around.
Round 53: Decrease round.
Rounds 54 - 55: SC around.
Round 56: Decrease round.
Rounds 57+: SC around until your tail is at your desired length and follow the rest of the original pattern as written!

I put my hat on to test out the fit as I went, and I recommend you do the same until you begin to taper off for the tail!

And, if you're on Ravelry, let's be friends!

Happy Thursday!


Ryan got jealous of my hat, so I made him one! :)


  1. CUTE!!! I one day I will be advanced enough to follow patterns and create things like this hat! I just bought my knitting needles and yarn last night and have spent a long night and full day (until work interrupted me) knitting and loving it. Now I can cross learn to do it off my list. I love wool knits so hopefully I can make my own knits and not have to buy hats, scarfs, etc... at stores and always hate a part of it.

    1. You'll advance quickly, it's an easy hobby to pick up! I can't wait to see what you make!

      And yes, it's really nice to be able to make things to your exact specifications instead of having to buy them!

  2. Featured your awesome hat on my blog today. It's so awesome. xo


    1. Thank you so much, Karen!! :)

  3. Love it!! Wish I knew how to crochet!!

  4. You are soon stinking cute! Love the hat :)


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