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Friday, February 8, 2013

This week was less than awesome, so I'm pushing hard to make sure it ends on a high note. That means I have lots to check off my list before the end of the day rolls around and lots of great links to share with you to help your Friday move along!

+ This, no lie, single-handedly saved my spirits yesterday.
+ My hair is currently in that phase where I need to either wash it or take some dry shampoo to it and make a style of it, so I think I'm going with the latter and I'm going to try this out.
+ I diiiiieeeeeeeee. *definitely for cat ladies!
+ Speaking of cat ladies, my very favorite cat lady is such an inspiration. I used to really internalize comments like this, but, thankfully, I've gotten so much better at recognizing up-sells for what they are and rude people for who they are, and that I'm just fine the way I am.
+ One of my favorite people has a new photography blog!
+ Beyonce, girrrrrrrrl. Relax. You look fine.
+ Creative Mornings chapters have announced their February dates! Is there one in your city? Will you be going?
+ The first 25 people on Facebook. Love seeing some familiar faces in there!
+ This is an oldie but goodie: "Write like a motherfucker."
+ In case anyone was looking for a housewarming present for me. ;)
+ My favorite Instagram of the week via @jessicalorren. Because I miss sunshine.

I'm signing off with the hope that you guys will have some fabulous weekend adventures! Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh thank you so much for all of this. Makes friday that much better! xo

  2. Have a great weekend Bobbi - love that in the midst of a trying week you make the effort to remain positive xo

  3. Thanks for linking me up in there, B. :) People need to step off and take their false eyelashes with them. ;)

  4. Oh that baby and her sister laughing hysterically is precious and hilarious!

    Happy Friday, Bobbi!


  5. Ok that baby is just what I needed today as I work my butt off on campus! And Beyonce need to chill! She was getting it!


  6. I am so presently annoyed that we do not have cable, and therefore no superbowl. If I can ever get my computer speakers back (my husband stole them to replace his work computer speakers) I just might finally be able to watch it on Youtube! She looks like she was workin' it!


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