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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I was gone, and now I'm back! I hate vague-blogging as much as the next girl, but I'm going to pull the Not All Aspects of Life Need to Be Recounted on the Internet Card and leave it at that.

I did, however, want to take a minute to a) Thank everyone for the sweet emails, tweets, and notes of concern (including checking up to make sure I wasn't dead in a bathtub somewhere) and b) Promise that if I haven't already gotten back to you, I will soon. But feel free to send me an email with the subject line, "Where are your manners?" if you haven't heard back by tomorrow.

A few housekeeping things...

+ I've updated my "About" page basically just to add the photo above which was taken by Claudia Carter. She's my jam. If you're getting married or just love getting your picture taken in gorgeous fields, call her.
+ I'm limited in the amount of design work that I can take on for March, so if you've been thinking about making a change for your blog or shop, speak up! If I can't help you out I can definitely recommend another Fairy Blogmother who can!
+ Speaking of changes, if there's something in your life that's making you unhappy, do something about it now. Not tomorrow, not next week, not after you lose 10lbs or get that new job. Ask your friends, family, hell...ask a stranger for help if you need to, but take whatever steps you need to make a positive change ASAP. This kind of has nothing to do with anything, but I've realized lately just how much of a disservice I was doing to myself by putting off the "little" problems until the "big" ones were fixed.

I guess that last one wasn't really "housekeeping". ;)

It feels good to be back! I'll swamp you with some bad ass links tomorrow! That is, if the Man Flu that I was previously teasing Ryan about – and then naturally caught from him because, karma – doesn't kill me.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Welcome back lady! We (I and I'm certain other people) have missed you!

  2. Good to have you back girl! I love that pic of you (sweet scarf) and I am not too worried anymore.... but I was.

    Love and Hugs xo

  3. I feel ya on the "not everything needs to be shared". Glad you're okay! xx

  4. I appreciate your comment about tackling the little things before they grow into monster sized tasks. Just turning 40, I'm learning that I must be honest and what I'm thinking and feeling with people - it is usually the biggest reason for unhealthy growth in my relationships, me holding back and not addressing the "little" things. I like following your blog, I'm a newbie (sine the Book Swap with Kim Erskine) and look forward to reading more.

  5. I'm so glad to see you back! I've been thinking about you quite a bit, but I definitely understand the need to retreat from the interwebs when real, in-front-of-your-face life needs more attention. So I'm glad you were able to take care of yourself, but selfishly I'm quite thrilled you're back here now :)

    And YES to your third point- because not only can those little things escalate, but they can also eat at your brain and heart sometimes worse than the big things, thereby making you unable to enjoy the little wonders that come along as well.

    HI BOBBI!!!

  6. This photo... i love it. so much! and welcome back. you have been greatly missed!

  7. Hello there, Today, I'm Bobbi. Today, I'm happy -- to see you here. :)

    I can't believe you put my "dead in a bathtub" line in there. What? No, shout-out?! ;) Love you, B!

  8. Oh... You're back...?

    Kidding. Clearly. I have been completely unable to function since you dropped off the radar. It's been a nightmare.

    Missed you! X

  9. ugh. SO vague. meanie :P

    but I'm glad all is well - or better, anyway - and it's nice to hear your voice again!

  10. Eep! I've been so gone that I didn't even realize YOU were gone, which I feel guilty about, but I'm glad we're both back. :) Hope everything's OK.

  11. I was wondering where the hell you were but I didn't want to get all in your business! Glad to have you back doll!


  12. Well, look at you lovely lady!
    I managing so much stress right now and putting off good things. I think I needed to hear your last bit today. Thanks for that. (:



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