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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photo via Sons of Creativity on Flickr

I have a really fun Q+A for you today! Over the holidays, I hooked up with the Sons of Creativity team to film a short video on blogging and branding! I'll share that with you tomorrow, but I was so impressed with the passion of these guys and I wanted to give you guys the chance to get to know them a bit! I shot a few questions over to Kitty and I just know from her responses that you guys will love her (and Angel and Elias)!

So here we go!

+ Okay. First a little background. What's the elevator speech for Sons of Creativity?
Two evil geniuses, Elias and Angel, both individually loved creating video and photography projects but after working together at their 9-5 jobs for over 5 years, they realized they needed to join forces. Artists with a lot of ideas and projects in the mix can be a good thing until there are too many ideas and not enough organization. Enter Kitty in the picture. Here I am! My boyfriend Elias and our good friend Angel approached me to manage the accounts/clients, vision, and public relations. How does a female tie in under the name SONS of Creativity? If anyone has ever seen these two (Angel and Elias) work together, you would know that they are reliable and cohesive but they need organization and a sense of urgency. This is where I step in and get down to business. We love what we do: through our own passions and talents, we showcase passionate people and help he or she express it for the world to see. That's what is important; never lose your voice or creativity.

+ How did you come to the decision to turn your passions for creativity into a business?
There is no better thing than to get paid for doing what you love. We help other people come up with strategic ways to reach his or her dreams, and figured it was time we actively sought out our own dreams.

Photo of me trying not to dissolve into a puddle of nerves via Sons of Creativity on Instagram.

+ You all balance day jobs with SOC. What is the biggest challenge you face as both employees of a company as well as running your own show?
Scheduling. It can be so frustrating but it is easier with technology to keep up between the two different lives.

+ Can you tell me a bit about the project that brought you the most pride or fulfillment? Why does that one stick out for you?
Our friend Josh "Baghead" Hall inspired us the most. This is one of our good friends who we grew close with over the development of his project. We got to know him outside of our friend: Baghead, the artist, and what makes him tick. Throughout the editing process and right before the unveiling, his words stuck in our minds. Baghead encouraged us to do whatever it takes to continue to foster our creative efforts, and never let anyone's opinion get in the way of our dreams. For that, we are forever grateful to have worked with and will continue to work with passionate, genuine individuals like him.

Photo of Baghead via Sons of Creativity on Instagram.

+ Most creative business owners know that there is a balance between letting your freak flag fly and getting down to the nuts + bolts of running a business. Do you have any advice for people who are trying to find the right mix of business admin and creative flow?
It is all about having a great partnership where one person is looking at a project in the business aspect and the other in the creative aspect. The roles switch from project to project. Kitty is in charge of maintaining that equilibrium.

+ What has been your biggest learning experience to date?
Selectivity of working on specific projects that we believe in versus something that solely pays the bills. All of the projects and people we have worked with are passionate individuals. Another big take away from this experience is how well we work together. We defined our vision and stayed true to our passion. We all have a story to tell and these are the things the world needs to see: how creative we can be when we are in our own element. We strive to revive and help others share his or hers story with the world. People can see right through those who are just working for the money. Sons of Creativity and the people we work with are just as genuine, inside and out.

+ Seriously, how fun is getting to shoot amazing photo and video as your JOB? Do you guys know how lucky you are?!
We have been fortunate enough to create this kind of an opportunity for ourselves. We don't take it for granted, and hope that we are able to continue live our dream.

+ What's the weirdest thing you guys have encountered on a shoot?
When Elias was shooting a Nissan 350Z, and we were in the middle of the road when a security guard came over to stop us. We thought we were going to get in trouble but the distracted security could not believe how low the car that we were photographing was to the ground. If you are looking for one of those special candid moments, then I guess our moment of weird has not met us yet. I'll keep you posted.

Photo of Nissan 350Z via Sons of Creativity on Instagram.

+ Do you have any advice for young creatives who are either still in school or wondering about choosing a traditional career path versus taking a risk on starting a creative small business?
You have to do both; you need the hands-on experience as well as the how-to knowledge. Some people focus solely on the formal learning but never apply the knowledge until after he or she graduates. (How silly!) There is so much to be learned from both aspects.
Thank you so much for stopping by, guys!

Make sure to check out the Sons of Creativity site, their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and you can always find the beautiful Kitty Instagramming over here. I'll be posting the video tomorrow over on Ready to Blog!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. What a cool interview and beautiful photos! I am excited to see the video tomorrow :)


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