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Friday, December 28, 2012

It's a bit weird to get worked up about it being Friday in the midst of all of the holidays swirling around us, but I guess I am anyway! I had an awesome pre-NYE dinner with one of my closest friends last night at the YUMMIEST restaurant in all the land and shot a really exciting video that I'll be sharing with you next year! This weekend, I'm looking forward to movie watching and blog installing over the next few days!

Let's load up on some links!

+ Even Cupid wants to know your credit score. Is this BIZARRE to anyone else? I get it, I guess, but it seems insane to ask that sort of question of a date!
+ I love this question and this answer. How to talk about weaknesses in an interview.
+ I cried reading this.
+ Is Google making us stupid? Probably.
+ Spot. On.
+ Favorite Instagram of the week via @chaneljibal!
+I'm entertaining thoughts about cutting my hair thanks to this!
+ Blogger friends! The iPad is now recognizing the mobile template, so make sure you disable it if you want iPad and tablet users to see your beautiful blog designs!

That's it! Short and sweet this week!

What have you guys got planned for the last weekend of 2012?

Any big plans for NYE??

Happy Friday!

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  1. You hair is so epic but man, I chopped mine a few weeks ago and it take like 10 mins to blog dry now! It's amazing, but I do miss my giant top knot sometimes.

  2. Love your links as usual! That letter was tough to read.... not much planned over here. After spending the last 3 days re-organizing and cleaning everything I am looking forward to veg out on the couch and work on my homework :)

  3. I was so tempted to stop reading that Atlantic article after two paragraphs (for exactly the reasons stated in the article) but the meta-ness of the situation guilted me into finishing it, and I'm glad I did. I would add that since beginning to keep online journals in high school, I've noticed my writing has changed. I'm now aware that if I don't use super short paragraphs broken up by photos, no one will read anything. Also relevant/amusing: when someone writes a blog comment that's longer than 3 sentences (like this one) and then apologizes for leaving a "novel". Ha!

  4. I did have big plans for NYE as I am coming down from my flu but then Jason caught it so we spent the night in watching Louie on netflix.



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