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Friday, December 14, 2012

A quick reminder before we get started that it's been a big week over at Ready to Blog! Even with just a little under 15 hours left to enter, I've been really thrilled by the response! One note: If you aren't comfortable commenting with your real name on the Facebook Fan Page, that's OK! Go ahead and like the page, and leave your blog name/a little about yourself in the comments here! That way everyone can find you and your blog and get to know you! The other ways to enter are easy, so see the giveaway page to find out more! I'm really looking forward to working with the lucky winner!

One other note: I've set up contact pages to 1) suggest links for This and That (with credit given, of course) and 2) to request tutorials from Ready to Blog. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't want to make those pages visible (?), so until I sort it out, email any weekly link suggestions to with the subject "This and That!" and any requests for a tutorial to with the subject "Teach me things!" I'll try to get the forms fixed ASAP though!

Now, links!

+ I usually only see good things written about Corey Booker, so I found this piece by the New York Times really interesting. It's so important to have a balanced view of the people we admire, so fan or detractor of Booker, it's worth a look!
+ "Something is wrong with my iPad: I still hate my life." Lol for days.
+ It's stuff like this that make people hate our generation. But, really, I'm going to have to start using this on my templates.
+ If Chuck Todd tells you to read something, you read it. No matter how long it is. Fascinating.
+ I read the Daily Mail so that you won't have to. Kelly Osbourne, you rock for this: "People think I lost weight and then got happy, but that's not how it works. You have to get happy first." Carry on, girlfriend.
+ "How Google's designers are quietly overhauling search."
+ Thank you, Betsy, for this link! I'm dead! The "Boobypack"!
+ The Lonely Planet staffers share some of their 2013 travel resolutions. I really love "step foot on a new continent". I guess now I've technically been to Asia, but I'm not going to count it until I take a proper, dedicated trip!
+ The robots are coming.
+ This is making me want to revamp my design questionnaire for clients!
+ Karen Handel is literally an idiot.
+ A meaningful holiday gift guide for patients. This is absolutely amazing!
+ Love this post on what to tip your hairstylist! Really, I love that entire blog!
+ Really interesting conversation between photographers on clients who bring "pinspired" ideas to their shoots. Personally, I think it's stifling and it would make me uncomfortable, but...hey, I'm not a photographer!
+ Found from Diana's Twitter feed, "How to fall in love with negative feedback."
+ Maybe I should stop cursing so much on Twitter. God is watching.
+ I thought I lost my favorite sweater yesterday (false alarm!), but I found some super cute replacements just in case!
+ My favorite instagram of the week via @howtobeadad because really, I was about to slap someone on Wednesday.

Tired of links yet? ;)

Okay, have great weekends, don't forget to enter the giveaway and I'd be so appreciative if you "liked" the Ready to Blog fan page!

Happy Friday!!

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  1. a) a friend could make a major medical breakthrough, and i'd be more proud of knowing that a friend of a friend invented the Boobypack. #truth
    b) HAHAHAHAH Hipster Ipsum

    1. It's ridiculous, isn't it?! I'm going to start using it!

  2. Love the hair blog link you posted. I'm going to have to try her how-to hair tips!

    And then ... As cool as it sounds, I'm a lil leery about the boobypack. Phone on my boob or side bood area equals radiation in those area too right :/???

    Thanks for sharing those links! xo

    1. That's a very good point! I am so guilty of keeping lip gloss and money in there, but usually using my phone or afraid it will fall out, but that makes sense to keep in mind!

  3. This may be what i need to completely revamp my stale, un-updated blog! Your lovely talents would inspire me! I'm almost too embarrassed to leave a link... Are you in FL now?!

    1. Do not for a second be embarrassed! So glad you entered! And yes, I'm back in Miami at the moment! When can we hang out??

  4. I have no idea if I actually managed to enter or not...but I did all of the things (aside from anything Pinterest related) on your blog. But hey hi hello, I'm Tin :)

    1. I just double-checked for you and you are, in fact, entered!! Good luck!!

  5. I heart Kelly Osbourne, I really do! Love your links as you know though the iPad-one isn´t working?!
    I entered the giveaway, so psyched you´re doing this :)

    Have a fab weekend!


  6. hi bobbi :) it was really nice of you to visit my little blog. i really like all the traveling posts you share. i have a major case of wanderlust.

  7. Terrific links - merry merry Christmas!


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