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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I know. I'm sorry! Last year, I had my tree up in mid-November. Even though it was for an article that I was commissioned to write, Ryan side-eyed me for weeks. This year sanity will prevail and the decorations won't go up until after Thanksgiving, but Ryan surprised me (again!) with a trip to The Victorian Christmas Markets at Gloucester Quays! It's entirely possible that he did this to keep the cheer from spilling into our flat for a few more weeks, but whatever the reason, I'll take it!

We already know that I'm incapable of editing myself, so here are 17 too many photos of our day! More will be after the jump!

this and that.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's GAME DAY! If you don't know what that means, here's a primer! I'm so, so excited and busy getting ready for a little get together to watch The Game! I'm so thankful that Ryan decided that we needed a cable plan with 640,000 channels because that means that we have ESPN and I can watch GameDay (which is broadcasting from The Game!) while I get everything together!

I'll get straight to the links!

Stuff Ryan Sent Me (Because He's Awesome)

+ Idris Elba is planning on releasing an album based on Luther (which is a great show)! That sounds...weird...but I'll be listening!
+ The struggle is real.
+ Ryan knows that I have a thing for babies and dogs!

Blog Love

+ Love Stephanie's post on getting a head start on your New Year's resolutions.
+ What's the real cost of running a WordPress site?
+ Love this wallpaper!
+ Ugh...YUM YUM YUM.

Everything Else

+ The Myth of AI. My sister sent me a series of hilarious emails about this (she took Steven Pinker's linguistics class when she was at MIT) but then made me promise that I wouldn't make her sound Tin Foil Hat Crazy on the blog so I'll omit! ;)
+ I thought that this was SO interesting!! Who knew this was such a big (weird) deal?!
+ I always wondered how people reacted after they show up on Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About we know!

I'm keeping things short and sweet this week!

Here's my favorite Instagram of the week via @harvardu!

Happy Game Day!

fall in love with fall.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ready to fall in love a little bit?

One of the things that I never really did during my time in Australia, New Zealand, or even the States, was to tap into the (amazing, talented, inspiring) network of bloggers and creatives that I've had the pleasure of getting to "know" online. Silly, really, but it wasn't until my time in London that it became a priority for me to actually meet the fantastic people that I interact with so frequently online.

You've heard this before, it's why we started The Photo Hunt and it's why when Rebecca asked me if I wanted to help her throw together a fun blogger brunch I not only agreed, but I said HOORAY!

And so, Fall in Love with Fall was born!

After a flurry of emails, texts, RSVPs, and glitter (so much glitter), we took over The Library Room at the BFI Bar and Kitchen and settled into a gorgeous afternoon of food, drinks, and excellent company!

We had the lovely Maxeen photograph the event (she took all of the photos that you see above) and she was absolutely fantastic! Rebecca, who is an event planner extraordinaire, handled the decor and completely blew everyone away. Had that been left to me? We would have dined around a puddle of spray paint mixed with Bobbi-tears. Rebecca is a star, and if you have any wedding or event-planning needs, she's your lady!

I'll pop a few photos that I took below, but first I want to thank everyone who contributed to our goodie bags, decor, and styling! Everything was so perfect and really reflected the mood of the day!

Venue: BFI bar and kitchen by benugo
Photography: Maxeen Kim
Styling and Planning: Rebecca
Flowers: Urban Flip Flops
Gift Bags: Urban Flip Flops
Calligraphy: JB Calligraphy
Pencils & Print: Dottie Rocks
Cocktails: Belvoir & Sipsmith 
Sequin Table Linen: Glimmer & Threads
Digital Invites: Ready to Blog Designs

Okay, photos and then we're done!

Happy Thursday! Make sure that you check out Rebecca's post about the event!

this and that.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

And now, for the triumphant return of This and That! Some of these won't be the most current as I've been stockpiling them for a few weeks, but I hope that you'll enjoy them anyway!

Shameless Self-Promotion

+ I've had quite a few exciting launches in the last few weeks! Hannah got a fresh new look!
+ I took Isaac from Blogger to WordPress in a really fun project! I love me some clean, crisp design!
+ If you missed the November Calendars, they're up on the blog!
+ Bex and I have been working on huge re-brand and move for her site! We're so thrilled with the results!

Blog Love

+ Best practices for using categories and tags in WordPress.
+ How to escape the death spiral of consumption.
+ Yum! (Is it bad that I really love corn dogs? I really do. I'm throwing a football party for Harvard-Yale next week and these will be on the menu!)

Creative and Business

+ 9 GIFs that explain responsive design.
+ 9 things you should read if you take your blog or business seriously.
+ 40 brands and logos with hidden messages.
+ How to do a great job on a stretch assignment.
+ Love these tips for new freelance designers.
+ Is Etsy the new Silk Road of copyright infringement?

Random Reads

+ Book lovers out there will love this! Ordering my copy now!
+ This is so silly and funny.
+ On Taylor Swift: "OK, great gowns, beautiful gowns." - Aretha Franklin
+ Related: I just love her.
+ I'm not going to be able to say anything about Butt-gate that hasn't already been said, but...Kim. Girl.
+ 12 data maps that sum up London. Pretty cool!
+ People have WAY too much time on their hands and I'm glad that they use it for things like this!
+ 22 habits of unhappy people.
+ I started reading this thinking that I wouldn't find any of it funny but #12 had me LOLing for about 35 minutes.
+ The Mean Girls, back together!
+ I love that Josh Jackson calls Diane Kruger his "lady". Too cute.
+ OK, then!
+ Yes, please!
+ The real reason that it's nearly impossible to end the Cuban embargo.
+ Admittedly, I've had 1989 on repeat for weeks now, so sorry for all the Swift-related posts this week.
+ Olivia Pope drinks wine wrong. Lol.
+ I've been absolutely addicted to Serial, but is it problematic?

My favorite Instagram of the week via via @bleubird! (Though, I feel like that bunny may need to watch its back?)

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Okay, guys! Happy Saturday!
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