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Thursday, July 24, 2014

More from Clevedon, in which we have a nature trail pretty much to ourselves and there's lots of photo (and video) of grass blowing in the wind!

I'm not 100% sure what happened to the video quality between me saving the file and Vimeo doing its don't view this full screen? Womp.

Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

These next two posts are going to be photo heavy! You've been warned!

When we hopped on the bus to Clevedon, I was so excited for a quiet afternoon by the seaside with my love. That's exactly what we got. (That and a glimpse of Season 2 of Broadchurch being filmed!!!)

We had coffees on the pier, grabbed lunch at a pub that Ryan used to go to with his family when he was younger, and went on a trek along the Poet's Walk before making our way home!

More from the walk tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday!

made | a baby set.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Here's my latest baby kit! I have more process shots than finished product images of this project because I had to make a mad dash to the post office the second that I finished to get it mailed out in time! I made this set for a girlfriend from college who just had a gorgeous baby girl; she wanted something pretty but not PINK, so we chose a lovely coral color and paired it with a cream yarn for a baby cocoon and matching hat!

You can't really see it in the images, but I did a crocodile stitch around the border of the cocoon to add a little interest and texture. It came out beautifully, I'll have to add it to another piece to take some photos of the details!

Uff, babies are so cute and squishy! I just wrapped a cute little newborn hat last night and I'm working on a few custom patterns for the shop. Fall will be here sooner than you know it (although I hope that summer hangs on for dear life)!

Happy Monday!

this and that.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Never thought you'd see the day, huh?

It's back!

I've got so many links for you that I've been saving over these last few weeks, I'm just going to hop straight to it. Grab a coffee (or a wine or a beer, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!) and tuck in!

Shameless Self-Promotion

+ We're halfway through July, but if you haven't grabbed your July wallpaper yet, do so now!
+ How fun are these?!? So proud of this girl and her beautiful work! I love seeing my work translated to other mediums!
+ When Melissa approached me about re-doing her blog, I was super flattered as she's kind of a force in the blogging world, right? This was a fun project and reminded me that Tumblr can be ripped apart and put back together just like anything else!
+ Here's your new favorite blog! You're welcome!
+ Christin is another one of my favorites who handed me the keys to her blog to create something fun!

I'm Going to Make and Eat These Things This Weekend

+ Oreo cheesecake ice cream! (I've been making EVERYTHING from scratch lately. (Except that cake.) It's changed my life and is cheaper and yummier. I highly recommend.)
+ What's ice cream without a magic shell on top?
+ Lovely layered lattes from Rosie!
+ Another great recipe from Rosie!
+ I die of the cute and yummy factors!
+ And while I'm in the kitchen, might as well make my life easier!

Good Reads

+ Nadine Gordimer, novelist and apartheid foe, has died.
+ The only 7 things we can control in life.
+ Related.
+ 14 beautiful independent bookshops in London! via Dori! (Thanks, Dori!)
+ Ever wonder where emoji come from? Now you know!
+ This is actually a video. I had the pleasure of knowing Hakeem in college and could not be more proud of him.
+ Anna Hill is tired of Photoshop.
+ Bay Area tech companies imagined as Game of Thrones houses! I'm thoroughly charmed by that.
+ While we're talking about Game of Thrones!
+ WELL THIS SHOWS ME NOT TO SLEEP ON LINKS FOR WEEKS. This would have been relevant before LeBron went and broke Miami's heart.
+ Love.
+ "As if women needed another hurdle to being taken seriously in the workplace. This time, apparently it's our annoying voices."

Blog Love

+ Such a sweet post from one of my favorite people!
+ I feel uncivilized for not even knowing that this was a thing!
+ Two people I adore are involved in this shoot! It came out so wonderfully!
+ I miss Auckland!

Random + Delightful

+ WARNING: Jezebel post ahoy! "The TSA's Instagram feed is hilarious and informative." I LOL'ed.
+ Brian Williams is a national treasure.
+ This is so stinking cute!
+ I made Ryan watch this with me approximately 1 million times and I have NO REGRETS.
+ This is so ridiculous and over the top and perfect. (These guys have to have been cheerleaders in a former life, yes?)
+ This makes me want to hop on a plane right now!
+ I want to give myself a big thumbs down for linking to Thought Catalog, we are.
+ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ Nostalgia!

And, my favorite Instagram of the week via @beantownprep! Guh! How cute!

Okay! Go forth and have FAB weekends!

Happy Friday!
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