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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thanks to my fab new office space, I'm getting work done so much more efficiently! And that, my friends, leaves me with some much appreciated down time with Ryan in the evenings! Instead of continuing with our viewings of seasons 1-8 of 24 (a re-watch for me, a new show for Ryan) ahead of the new season's premiere, we took advantage of some of the glorious early evening sun that we've been getting and took a walk up to Cabot Tower!

I'd never been up to the top before (see: 5 months of winter and rain) so it was a treat to have such nice weather on my first visit! I'm kicking myself a bit for not bringing my camera, but hopefully these photos from my phone will do the view a bit of justice!

Happy Wednesday!

office space.

Monday, April 14, 2014

I don't know how I managed to work and live in the same spaces for so long, but I'm so happy to say that I finally have a home office and my days of coding on the couch or kitchen table have come to an end!

We still have a lot of love to put into the room, but getting the couch (not pictured) in this morning and the desk set up over the weekend has been such a great start. This is likely the closest I'll get to a 'home tour', but I'll put up some finished photos after the room has been totally fixed up.

For now, I'm just so happy to have a desk and a place to put my copious stash of office supplies!

What a great way to start the week, right?

Happy Monday!


Headphones | Globe (now on sale. womp.) | Pen Caddy c/o Urban Graphic Shop | Passport Cover | Desktop Wallpaper.

this and that.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Saturday! (Again.)

Saturday posts won't become a thing, even though lately they've been a bit of a thing.


Ryan is busy in the other room building my desk for my new office (woo!) and I'm watching old episodes of Sex and the City before I dig into some writing and I realized, Hey! I've got links to share! they are:

Shameless Self-Promotion

+ Over on Eating London, I wrote about how to make proper English breakfast!
+ I had two fun launches this week, Cat and Heather!
+ This isn't really something that I did, but one of my clients and friends was recently featured on Sarah's awesome series about making the escape! Check it out!

Wedding stuff

+ Pretty!!
+ Except this. Because it's crazy.
+ I'm thinking of doing a naked cake for the wedding and LOOK HOW GORGEOUS!

Blog love

+ I know that I mentioned Heather up at the top of the post, but here's one of her posts that I really wanted to draw your attention to!
+ How to invest in visual content for the digital space.
+ This chocolate zucchini bread looks really good!
+ So do these!


+ This is so sad. (H/T @dorizinn.)
+ Change yo passwords, y'all!


+ I'm excited about this, BUT I'm sad for Craig Ferguson and, much like with Beyoncé's album drop, I'm left wondering HOW? How did they keep that a secret?
+ I'm on board with this.
+ This is such a cool project!
+ This is old, but I'm posting it because of its expert and lethal use of air quotes and Harry Potter references.
+ I glanced over to the sidebar of that last article and found this and lol'ed so I figured I'd share it. Poor Britney.

And finally, my favorite Instagram of the week via @its_KateMcAuley!

No throwback jam this week, I'm afraid!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Happy Saturday!

made | open for business.

Monday, April 7, 2014

When I mentioned in this post that I'm considering opening up a handmade shop at some point in the Fall, I was kind of thinking about it as a remote possibility. I figured it would be nice, but definitely not something that would be at the top of my list of priorities. Well, things change and it looks like I'm addicted to making baby things! I'm nearly certain that I'll be launching a baby shop at some point in the Fall!

I figure that it will make more sense to wait a few months until the weather is cooling down instead of warming up, and that will give me some time to design and test patterns and figure out how I'm going to work yet another business into my schedule! Until then, I'm taking a few orders here and there, and I already know that I'm going to love doing this a bit more often! I put this cute little baby kit together for a design-turned-crochet client and I'm really happy with how it came out!

I'm trying to rope my sister into doing this with me, as she's an expert knitter, so there will hopefully be lots of cute crochet and knit pieces ready for purchase in a few months! (Big kids can place orders, too, but that will probably remain on a case-by-case basis!)

If you'd like to chat about a baby kit or an individual piece for a little one in your life before I launch, send me an email!

Happy Monday!

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