it's october!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October is one of my favorite months. My birthday, Halloween (my favorite holiday, early Christmas saturation be damned), and (to embody some stereotypical blogger behavior) the arrival of cooler temperatures all fall in the same month! What's not to like love?

Maybe this month I'll get my abuse of parenthetical statements under control.

This month I'm hoping to get quite a few crochet projects wrapped, read ALL THE BOOKS, and perfect a few slow cooker staples to get us through the next few months! We'll be taking a holiday to Italy for my birthday (huzzah!) and I'm really looking forward to the trip, but that means work is going to be insane for the next little bit. After a summer of 13-hour days, I'm looking forward to life slowing way down.

Anyway, I ramble. October calendars are available for download over on Ready to Blog!

Go get 'em! And make sure you tag your photos of your calendars in use on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter so that I can see them in the wild!

Happy October!

this and that.

Friday, September 26, 2014

This and That is going to have to become a Thursday to-do item versus a Friday one because I always assume that my Fridays will be light and breezy, leaving me lots of time to assemble and comment on links, but that is never – ever – the case. Anyway, I'll get straight to it as I have flat viewings, a hair appointment, and a mountain of work to get through before I can celebrate the weekend! (Sob.)

Shameless Self-Promotion

+ I loved working with Leena on her blog re-launch! How gorgeous is she?!
+ Tara and Mike also trusted me with their big move and rebrand and all three of us are thrilled with how it came out!

Wedding-related Goodies

+ [heart eyes emoji]
+ Can we talk about how amazing this wedding looks?!

Design and Business

+ Erin discusses why terrible clients are awesome for your business. Co-signed.
+ A year with a distraction-free iPhone.
+ How to get sh*t done!
+ Yes.
+ The true cost of printing Comic Sans.
+ This is amazing. (That's a New York Times link in case you're rationing your monthly article allowance!)
+ 8 essential rules for logo redesign.
+ 3 rules for emailing a busy person.

Blog Love

+ Child loss and social media.
+ 15 lessons from 15 years of blogging.
+ And now I'm hungry.
+ When blogging becomes a slog. (Another New York Times link.)
+ To write, you must read. Right?
+ Yum. Yum. Yum. If I can get my milk frothing skills down, I'm in business.
+ Ashley gives a great rundown of what's in her camera bag.
+ How to live a more badass life.
+ I sent this to my sister and she was like THAT IS TOTALLY IMPRACTICAL, BOBBI. But I still think it makes for a pretty spread!
+ Funfetti cake!

100% Random

+ I am underwhelmed at the True Detective casting news. (Those are pretty much the two actors who, if I ran across them in real life, I would walk past on the street without a second glance. I think they both always look like they need a shower, for one, but they're just...ugh.) Anyway, this is cute.
+ You guyssssssss. I love him.
+ I think I've been quiet around the interwebs lately because I'm worried about releasing a torrent of rage-tweets over a few recent events. Notably Angry Black Woman-gate. Anyway, Shonda Rhimes is awesome and I can't wait to catch up on Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder tomorrow while Ryan is at work!
+ Very interesting look at the Charity Johnson story.
+ Be good to each other?
+ Why we should trust professors to prepare students for literature.
+ I'm not sure if I knew that all clock mockups showed the same time? Anyway, Apple took a shot at that when they introduced the Apple Watch.
+ Why writers need critics.
+ This is a very cool/interesting visual critique of stereotypes.
+ Gilmore Girls FOREVER!

And, my favorite instagram of the week month: via @erin_leydon.

I hope that your weeks have been full of good things and that you're looking forward to a wonderful weekend!

Happy Friday!

moscow state circus.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Last Thursday – I know, almost a week, life hasn't lent itself to blogging time lately – Ryan and I went to The Moscow State Circus at Royal Victoria Park in Bath. Don't tell Amazon this (or they'll bump me up to 1,000 emails a day versus the 900 that I get currently) but their Amazon Local emails are actually pretty helpful if we're looking for something fun and different to do! After seeing a few emails come through about the circus, I snapped up tickets for a nice discount and told Ryan that we were going on a date!

We didn't know what to expect, really, and when we arrived and noticed that everyone was standing outside the tent our hearts sunk a bit. But! We were in for a treat (and luckily beat the line) and save for a few cords crossing through the tent, I don't think that there was a bad seat in the house! Once we got settled and I finished grieving for the cotton candy that I should have picked up on the way in, the lights dimmed and the show started.

I'm here for acrobatics any day of the week, so while I was charmed by the clown and the juggling, I was really impressed by the aerial performers (some of whom juggled!) and the Flying Trapeze of Alievs White Birds. The show was the perfect length and included an intermission so even thought it was a school night, we didn't get home too late.

What did make the night extra interesting, though, was getting stuck in a torrential downpour (complete with lightning and thunder and scary alleys that had no lighting) on our way from the circus grounds to the train station. If Ryan and I were meeting for the first time, I'm sure it would've made for an adorable meet-cute, but as it was I had to beg the concession stand for a garbage bag to try to protect my camera from at least the worst of the rain! We swam to the station, made it there safe and very wet, and made it up to ourselves by ordering two huge pizzas the instant we got home.

I'm pretty sure that Ryan's shoes are still a bit soggy, but it was a great night!

The show will be in Bristol and London soon, so if you're interested, you can grab details here!

Happy Wednesday!

friday in london.

Monday, September 15, 2014

After a long summer of barely visiting London, I've packed quite a few trips to the city into the last few weeks! When I got an email about a reader event for The Gentlewoman I booked a bus ticket to London immediately! I had missed out on an earlier gathering, wanted to grab the new issue, and I was hoping I'd get to meet the EIC (who I think is just fabulous). I made a few plans to catch up with friends and have a nice wander around the city on my own, scheduled a light work day, and headed out!

I arrived in London and was greeted by sunshine and a cupcake date with the lovely Maxeen at Peggy Porschen! I had the salted caramel cake (and then died and went to heaven) and Maxeen had a champagne strawberry cupcake. Topped off with a cappuccino, it was pretty much perfect! I'm going to have to do something about my sweet tooth if I have any hope of fitting into a wedding dress, but I might go ahead and indulge until the new year and then sort my life out!

Anyway, London. London was lovely. Have a look!

After I got my fill of blue skies and green parks, I headed to The Photographers' Gallery to meet up with Lynda for the meet and greet!

As much as I tried not to fangirl over Penny Martin, it was pretty impossible not to do so. She's smart, so funny, so kind, and incredibly warm and welcoming. It was pretty cool (and inspiring) to meet the wonderful women who put such a great publication together. The new issue is the best yet, if you haven't already done so, you need to pick it up!

It was a long day, but it was so, so worth it! After the event, I popped through John Lewis to pick up yarn (that will end up being a big blanket for us for winter) and then treated myself to dinner and dessert at No. 11 Pimlico Road (which you might remember from this post). Barely able to walk due to a terrible choice of footwear for the day, I limped my way to Victoria and hopped on a coach back home. As lovely as the day was, the icing on the cake was seeing Ryan's smiling face waiting for me at the station back in Bristol.

I hope you'll excuse the lack of a This and That on Friday, but I'll make it up with a double-stuffed one this week!

Hope that you had great weekends!

Happy Monday!
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