pompeii | 1.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm going to let the photos do the heavy lifting here because I'm still left a little speechless that we even got to see Pompeii and I don't think I'm fully equipped to write about it for fear that I won't do it justice. (That and I completely blanked on whether it was Pompei (modern city) or Pompeii (the ruins) and Google had to save me and now I'm just sitting here hoping that my AP Latin teacher doesn't read my blog.)

Pompeii is about half the distance away from Naples city center than Sorrento was, so after getting a tiny chocolate muffin to go with a tiny espresso (which changed my life, even the train station food is good in Italy), we set out for a much less harrowing journey to get our day started. A few things about visiting the ruins:

+ Skip most (or all) of the vendors that seem to swarm the second that you get off of the train. You can buy multi- or single-site tickets at the entrance to the ruins starting at 11€.
+ We ended up opting out of the audio guides which I regretted a little. I thought that I would be mostly OK but it would have been nice to get some commentary as we roamed around the site.
+ We did both listen to Rick Steve's audio guide for Pompeii which was fun and interesting, if a little short.
+ The site is HUGE. Bring water. And snacks. (Though, the pizza in the cafeteria on site is heaven.)

(Excuse the wrinkles. Our journey was shorter but I vaulted over about three grandmas* on the train to get a seat anyway and this was my punishment.)

I'll have more photos from our visit tomorrow. And, given a little more sleep and a lot more coffee, actual commentary! ;)

Happy Tuesday!

*No grandmas were hurt in the creation of this post.

birthday in sorrento.

Monday, October 20, 2014

We're back! From both trips (one that I was aware of, one that I was not)! It's pretty brutal trying to ease back into normal life after living in fantasy land for a week, but I'll do my best. Let's start with a travel post!

We had a very long day of travel on Monday, so we pretty much just got ourselves to the hotel, poured ourselves into bed, and ordered room service on the first night. On Tuesday, I had my first sleep in in what felt like YEARS, opened up some birthday cards, and then we set out for an adventure! Our hotel was really close to the central station, so we hopped on a train and made the (long, hot, sticky, kind of harrowing) journey to Sorrento!

Sorrento has been a playground for the rich and famous for basically ever, but as we are neither rich nor famous, we decided to see the area via one of my favorite methods: A big red bus! These tours are almost always worth it (one quite literally saved my toes from freezing off in Berlin) but this one was a tiny bit underwhelming. I'm glad we did it as we likely wouldn't have gotten to see so much of the gorgeous Sorrrento coast otherwise, but we couldn't actually hop off unless we wanted to stay put for two hours (it's generally much less than that, giving you enough time to grab a coffee or snack, snap a few photos, and hop on the next bus) and we were on the second to last bus of the day anyway, so lest we got ourselves stranded, we stayed put.

But, look at the views. Pretty fab, right?

After our tour, we made our way to the city center for food, toasts, and gelato.

And I made this face, repeatedly, at the idea of getting another year older:

Happy Monday!

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this and that.

Friday, October 17, 2014

This will be a short This & That because I've been informed by Ryan that there's a birthday surprise in store for me today! I've been told to pack a going out outfit, my camera, and toiletries, so, I'm stoked!

Tuck in!

Shameless Self-Promotion

+ Very cool to see some of my photos from the Bristol Comedy Garden featured in D8's (the creative agency behind the identity and roll out) case study on the event!
+ I'm so excited to be hosting an awesome event with Rebecca from Urban Flip Flops! She has more details over on her blog, and if you'd like to attend Fall in Love with Fall you can email me or Rebecca directly to RSVP! I'd love to meet as many of you as possible, and the venue is FANTASTIC! So make sure that you get in touch (as spaces are limited)!

That's really it for self-promotion! ;) I'll be able to share more launches with you next week when I'm back in real life mode!

Good Reads

+ Find Your Beach by Zadie Smith.
+ The forgotten female programmers who created modern tech.
+ Ummm, I'm not over 30 but I'm also like, "Why on earth would anyone care what their friends are paying each other?" ????? Also, I co-sign the heck out of THIS: "This is a particularly American affliction, since other countries’ banks actually have functioning online payment systems." GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER, CHASE.
+ The 11 times that Kanye West actually had a really great point.
+ I am really very tired of people calling Lena Dunham the voice of my generation. But I respect Roxane Gay's opinion on all things so maybe I'll remove Not That Kind of Girl from my Black List*. (*Books that I'm never, ever going to read, no matter how much space they take up in the cultural landscape. See also: Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight, and any future Jack Reacher books.)
+ Speaking of Roxane Gay.
+ "Is it a cover up?"

Blog Love

+ Make shit yourself. Seriously.
+ Let's start talking about our hair!
+ Yummmmmmm.
+ Some great things to add to your weekend to-do list: secure your WP site!
+ Love love love these photos from France.
+ Mo' JOMO.
+ Streamline your process via Breanna Rose.
+ Photographers: When should you raise your prices?

Randomly Random

+ I'm dying to see this!
+ Who wants to side eye the hell out of this with me?
+ This is a little cool and a little creepy?
+ Some great thoughts on crowdsourcing design work.
+ Who else is watching AHS: Freak Show? SO GOOD. Here's how all of AHS might be connected.

Okay! I need approximately 9 more coffees and a shower before I'm ready to face the world! Here's my favorite Instagram of the week via @bessieakuba!


That's right sir, pour it on. Danke schön. #Germany #crepes #nom #instagood #amaretto

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Happy Friday!

(And don't forget to RSVP for Fall in Love with Fall! It's after the date on the invite but that's OK!)

brides show | the dresses.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Let's talk dresses, shall we? First, I've got to say, I have no idea what I'm going to be wearing. I have ideas, of course, and tried on a few (stunning) dresses when I was back in Miami, but I haven't found "the one" yet. I went into the process thinking that I knew exactly what I wanted as well as thinking that I knew what I'd hate (read: would look like crap on me). I was really pleasantly surprised that most of the silhouettes that I tried on worked in one way or another, so while I haven't found/seen a dress yet that screams BOBBI!!!, I think I could be really happy with a range of options. Hopefully that will give me some options when shopping around!

All that to say: I'm on the hunt.

I thought a lot of the looks from the runway at the Brides Show were over the top, but there were also a few gorgeous dresses that floated down the catwalk.

If you're also on the hunt, I've put the designers' names beneath the dresses!

(Stephanie Allin Couture)

(Katya Katya Shehurina)

(Ian Stuart - On the style guide, the model is shown wearing this wrap on her head and it is HILARIOUS.)


I loved this next one. Loved it! It reminded me of this dress (which if someone could just make for me in white and deliver to my flat I think we'd have a winner)!

(Britta von Basedow)

(Arga & Arga)

(Halfpenny London)

(Britta von Basedow)

(David Fielden)

(I can't seem to find the one above or these next ones! One of the designers did say that she had to swap out the dresses that she had in the show because the models were too skinny. More on that later.)

(David Fielden)

So! Pretty, right? I really liked that last one as well and my sister has a bridal appointment later in the month for her wedding so I'm hoping that I get to see it on her!

And now, a little rant: This is not some NYFW affair where buyers and editors are in the front row and (for whatever reasons) all the models need to be super skinny (and the show super lacking in diversity). This is a show where the majority of those in attendance are looking for dresses and inspiration for themselves or someone that they love. I don't think it would have been so hard to put girls on the runway that non-models can identify with, for one. For two, I found myself really disappointed that, although some of the dresses were nice, I didn't want to rush out and try any of them on (save for that Lupita look-alike dress). Why? Because I couldn't see myself in any of them. Some of the dresses looked literally stapled on to the models which not only made them look cheap but made me wonder if maybe the organizers should have taken that as a sign to hire models who are different shapes and sizes?

I realize that the Brides show does not need to be a beacon of diversity in ethnicity and body type, but I can't really think of a better place to send the message of, "Hey, you're gorgeous no matter what you look like." I was absolutely terrified of trying on dresses before my appointment (my bridesmaids almost had to stage an intervention) mostly because I don't really see any brides that look like me (or SMILING) amongst the styled, polished, and blown-out photos that you see on wedding blogs and Pinterest. I literally thought that I was going to look like a bridge troll in a wedding dress. I think we can do better, is what I'm saying.

Rant over.

Dresses are fun!

Happy Wednesday!
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