friday in london.

Monday, September 15, 2014

After a long summer of barely visiting London, I've packed quite a few trips to the city into the last few weeks! When I got an email about a reader event for The Gentlewoman I booked a bus ticket to London immediately! I had missed out on an earlier gathering, wanted to grab the new issue, and I was hoping I'd get to meet the EIC (who I think is just fabulous). I made a few plans to catch up with friends and have a nice wander around the city on my own, scheduled a light work day, and headed out!

I arrived in London and was greeted by sunshine and a cupcake date with the lovely Maxeen at Peggy Porschen! I had the salted caramel cake (and then died and went to heaven) and Maxeen had a champagne strawberry cupcake. Topped off with a cappuccino, it was pretty much perfect! I'm going to have to do something about my sweet tooth if I have any hope of fitting into a wedding dress, but I might go ahead and indulge until the new year and then sort my life out!

Anyway, London. London was lovely. Have a look!

After I got my fill of blue skies and green parks, I headed to The Photographers' Gallery to meet up with Lynda for the meet and greet!

As much as I tried not to fangirl over Penny Martin, it was pretty impossible not to do so. She's smart, so funny, so kind, and incredibly warm and welcoming. It was pretty cool (and inspiring) to meet the wonderful women who put such a great publication together. The new issue is the best yet, if you haven't already done so, you need to pick it up!

It was a long day, but it was so, so worth it! After the event, I popped through John Lewis to pick up yarn (that will end up being a big blanket for us for winter) and then treated myself to dinner and dessert at No. 11 Pimlico Road (which you might remember from this post). Barely able to walk due to a terrible choice of footwear for the day, I limped my way to Victoria and hopped on a coach back home. As lovely as the day was, the icing on the cake was seeing Ryan's smiling face waiting for me at the station back in Bristol.

I hope you'll excuse the lack of a This and That on Friday, but I'll make it up with a double-stuffed one this week!

Hope that you had great weekends!

Happy Monday!

a gloucester getaway.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It only took us most of the year, but we finally managed to book in the spa trip to Gloucester that Ryan got me for Christmas. Originally, we planned to save it for a lull in busy schedules – thinking we'd go some time in March – and that just snowballed into never getting around to it. But, finally. Finally. We made it.

We packed our bags on Friday night and headed out bright and early on Saturday morning. Ryan, you can see in the video below, was not impressed with my constant videoing, but I was a) so excited to be going on a trip and b) eager to shoot video with the new camera. My hands are forever shaky, though, so apologies if this makes you feel as though you're in The Blair Witch Project: Gloucestershire!

Our package included massage treatments for the both of us, so we arrived, threw our bags in lockers, and changed into fluffy robes and gave ourselves over to be the technicians. It was my first time having a hot stone massage and it. was. heaven. I think that next time I'll stress that I don't mind pressure or heat as I think that my masseuse was taking it a bit easy on me, but really, it was wonderful. After massages, we swam, hot tubbed, steamed, relaxed, and got dressed up for a dinner date. The lighting was really bad in the evening, so I have no salvageable pictures of my dress, but trust, it was the cuteness. (I'm re-wearing it for a joint birthday party with my sister – who is celebrating her birthday today! – so I'm sure that it will make an appearance at some point!)

Okay, so the city! The city was gorgeous. I didn't really know what to expect, but it's a bit smaller than Bristol and very walkable. On Sunday, after checkout, we headed straight for Gloucester Cathedral and then proceeded to feel silly that neither of us knew before hand that scenes from our beloved Harry Potter films where shot there! We have plans to go back soon sans luggage, so there will absolutely be more on that! But anyway, it wouldn't be a blog post around these parts without too many photos, so here you go!

Ryan has been channeling his "fashion blogger" lately, which delights me to no end:

After lounging around by the docks and roaming through the markets, we hopped back on a train to Bristol and filled the rest of the day with naps and leftovers.

Not a bad weekend for the two of us!

Thank you, Ryan, for such a lovely and thoughtful gift! I love adventures with you!

And Happy Birthday, sister!

Finally, Happy Wednesday!

this and that.

Friday, September 5, 2014

It's Friday!! Hooray! We're leaving early tomorrow morning to get massaged and pampered to within an inch of our lives for the weekend, so I'm busy wrapping up work and getting my ducks in order to set off! I hope that you've had a wonderful week and are looking forward to a restful weekend!

Here are some links to get you through those last few hours of the work week!

Shameless Self-Promotion

+ I launched a super cute food blog for a client this week! Makes me hungry just looking at it!
+ September calendars went up, in case you missed those!
+ I helped Flora rework her Blogger mobile template! Let me know if yours needs fixin'!

Blog Love

+ I've been wearing my hair curly a bit more (see above) and there is endless inspiration!
+ I always enjoy reading Freya's travel posts and I really enjoyed this post in particular because of the issues she discusses.
+ So interesting!
+ I don't know if I'll ever make it to Lake Tahoe, but this post makes me want to pack my bags right now!
+ I'm officially the worst engaged person ever. Is it normal to be this unfussed about planning a wedding? I mean, I want the being married part, but...can someone plan this thing for me? Anyway, Megan has got me inspired! Megan - looking for a gig??? Haha.

Good Reads

+ The Gentlewoman is one of my favorite magazines, here's a fab interview with its EIC, Penny Martin.
+ Whenever I go back to the States (and a mall) and see that Wet Seal is a thing that still exists, I'm shocked. Who knew there was so much drama behind the scenes?
+ The Troll Slayer.
+ "Suicide and silence: why depressed men are dying for somebody to talk to"

Random but worth your pageviews

+ This entire thing made me RAGESTROKE this week. Ugh.

I know that's not much today, but I hope you find some new blogs or stories you might have missed in your internet adventures over the last week! Lastly, here's my favorite Instagram of the week via @agustinap!

Happy Weekend!

sleep well | francis hotel, bath.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I thought I'd do a play on my Eat Well series today and share a bit about The Francis Hotel with you! This is the (lovely) spot that we were invited to stay during our trip to Bath a few weeks ago.

Even though we're just a short train ride away from Bath, we like to stay overnight every so often when we need a bit of an escape from Bristol. It's so lovely to hop into a huge, plush bed, order room service, and watch awful reality TV that you'd never admit to watching at home! (I hope other people do this? Just us?)

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