september calendars!

Monday, September 1, 2014

After totally embarrassing myself in August and getting the calendars up so late, I've learned the error of my ways and gotten this done as my first act of September! I hope you enjoy them! I've kept the colors bright all year, but as we're sinking into the tail-end of the year, I went for a bit of a deeper, richer color! (Plus, this red matches my nails at the moment!)

Download the calendars over on Ready to Blog.

Also - if you're looking for a way to jumpstart your blogging game in September, make sure that you check out Whitney's #BlogEverydayInSept!

Happy September!

this and that.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Sunday!

I didn't want the weekend to go by without popping in with some links, so you're in for a Very Special Sunday Edition of Today, I'm Bobbi!

This weekend has been pretty great, but the week ahead is looking fab as well, so I'm not crying that it will be over soon! I've been on a social kick lately (which is a bit rare for me, as I can go four days without leaving the house and as many weekends without seeing anyone but Ryan) and this weekend was no different! We met up with a few of Ryan's old work friends for a bit on Friday, had a perfect date night at an awesome Lebanese restaurant last night (I'll have to do an Eat Well on it soon, it was AMAZING), and later today we'll be planning some birthday adventures and the final details of a spa trip that we're taking next weekend!

Life is good, basically!

But! I'll get the links up and get out of here because our Sunday grocery shop won't do itself (womp) and I'm eyeballing a manicure appointment later today as my sister has officially gotten me hooked on having pretty nails!

Shameless Self-Promotion

+ Bristol is fit for a heroine! (By me!)
+ I actually put up new work on Ready to Blog this week! It was SO overdue!
+ I helped Charisma launch a new blog.
+ Christin and I went through a few iterations of her re-launch, but the end-result is something that we're both really happy with!

Design and Business

+ I don't know how I just found this blog but I love!
+ If you're a fan of Luminosity, you can get a free 1-month Premium subscription via the Starbucks app! I love this app - well worth it...(well, especially as it's free!)
+ Shawn was my RA freshman year + a TA for one of my classes in college. He was an endless source of happiness and positive energy then and it's so cool to see what he's done since! Here he talks about the happy secret to better work.
+ Honest Co. raises $70 million in funding and preps for IPO! Go Jessica Alba!
+ 6 books for creative and curious minds.

Totally Random

+ Inside the cottage industry of GIFs. (How do you say "gif" by the way? I think I've been saying it wrong for...ever.)
+ No no no no no no no. Also, lol: "However, Mr Birkett did manage to save the owner's crocheted blanket."
+ Way to go, Bristol!
+ What happens when an actual scientist watches Shark Week.
+ I have the passport cover version of this and the only reason that I don't own the planner yet is that I'm in denial that 2015 planners are even in print yet.

Blog Love

+ How Travelling Ruined My Life.
+ A short stay in London.
+ This post is so sweet.
+ Karen has a way of filling me right up with her writing, and I could not love her post on the philosophy of her "This was a good week" series any more.
+ I'm not huge on pancakes, but this might change my mind.
+ This is a sad (but important and moving) post.
+ Super cute!
+ I really enjoyed Catherine's post on saving memories.

Food for Thought

+ Amy Poehler, I love you!!!!
+ How to properly ask for business advice via email. GREAT stuff here! Also - because I get I get a lot of this - these lines really resonated with me:
It’s not that we have an unwillingness to teach and mentor. It’s just that if we carved out time for every single person who emailed us asking for advice and guidance, we’d do nothing but that and we’d have no time for some of the work that does pay us.

You'd be surprised at the amount of times that someone basically wants me to tell them how to do something (for free) so that they can turn around and charge people for that information. No.

+ So proud to call Becki one of my clients! Here's a great podcast featuring Becki, it covers female solo travel and is a great listen.
+ How tourists cripple local economies.
+ "Between the World and Ferguson"
+ Why you should take notes by hand.
+ Love this - Seat 21A:
We cannot control the events around us. We can plan, we can work hard, we can do all sorts of things to prepare, but ultimately things don’t always go as expected. But if we can remain calm, patient, and self-aware, we can control what happens at every fork in our path. It’s not easy, but we have a choice.
+ Writing blind.

Finally, Here's my favorite Instagram of the week via @edwardkb!

Oh! And a video! This covers our trip to Bath! I meant to work it into an earlier post but...que sera! (Make sure that you watch it in HD!)

Okay! Happy Sunday, guys!

a day out in london.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This last Saturday, I took the bus to London on Saturday to spend the day with my sister! We got manicures, lunch, visited the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red exhibit at the Tower of London, got DRENCHED trying to cross Tower Bridge (while the sun was shining when we began to cross, the heavens had opened up over our heads by the midpoint), and ducked into a super cute pub for some drinks to hide from the weather.

It wasn't until we got to the end of the day that we realized that we hadn't spent much money at all, even though we'd been having a blast the entire time! I should do a proper "London on the cheap" guide soon, but I've put some links and info at the end of the post if you want to follow in our footsteps! :)

Nails that won't break the bank

I've long gotten over mourning the cheap (and GOOD) manicures you can find in Miami, but what I didn't realize until now is that you can just request a polish change instead of the full horse-and-pony show of a manicure to save some cash (and possibly your nails if they are soft like ours). Together, our nails (French for me, a gorgeous purple for sister) were £15! Steal!

Independent or street food

We got some Jamaican patties (actual Jamaican patties, not that crap your school cafeteria tried to pass off as edible) after our nails and I am the worst and didn't catch the name! I'd say that on any day when you're walking around London, skip the Burger Kings and even Le Pain Quotidiens in favor of some local delights. It's going to work out cheaper and yummier!

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

This major installation at the Tower of London commemorates 100 years since the first full day of Britain's involvement in the First World War. Paul Cummings and Tom Piper came together to construct and stage 888,246 ceramic poppies in the Tower's moat. (I'm a bit unclear about whether this is ongoing and all of the poppies have yet to be placed, this might be is the case as we did see people milling around and doing things in the moat while we were there.) The installation is incredibly moving and I highly suggest that if you have the opportunity to visit that you do so. While the exhibit is free to look at (entry to the Tower is separate and you can find that information here), you can purchase a poppy for £25, with all of the net proceeds + 10% to be spread amongst six service charities.

Walk across Tower Bridge

Hopefully you don't get caught in a monsoon like we did, but if you do there are some handy steps next to the bridge ticket office that provide way better shelter than any other point on the crossing. The views are free, umbrellas can usually be found for under £10, though unfortunately nowhere on the bridge.

The Shipwrights Arms

This pub is SO cute. Good music, super friendly staff, conveniently located, and lots of room. On a rainy day, the pub was crowded, but we were still able to find seats, which is a rarity in London! They have a full bar, loads of appetizers for under £5, and we scored our beer and Sprite for a cool £3.86 together; when I picked my jaw up off the floor we sat down and had a lovely time talking weddings, celebrity manicurists (that's a thing!) and Instagram!

The above is in no way meant to be comprehensive, it's just a rundown of what was a really enjoyable and inexpensive day! Of course, the company helped! I'd love to hear about your favorite things to do in the city if you're local! Even though I've spent so much time there, I know that there is still so much that I haven't seen yet!

Happy Wednesday!

the roman baths by torchlight.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just when I thought that Ryan and I had reached peak ridiculousness of going to Bath often but never making it inside the Baths, we got our chance! I was so excited to get to tour the Baths that I was actually dreaming about it during the days leading up to our trip! The entire city of Bath is a World Heritage site and so stuffed with history and spectacular architecture, you can imagine how special the baths and temple that make up the Roman Baths are since they are (and should be) a highlight of any trip to Bath!

(You can see why it was bordering on obscene that we'd allowed ourselves to be deterred by long lines or rain or the lure of brunches and general wanderings on visits prior!)

After dinner, we headed over to start our tour! We picked up our audio guides (which I highly recommend!) and began an exploration of the site on our own. If you're familiar with travel writing, you're probably familiar with Bill Bryson, right? If you enjoy his writing, you'll really enjoy his commentary, available at certain points throughout the site via the audio guide. We had to hustle a little bit to make sure that we got to the tour start point on time, but I made sure to listen to as much of his commentary as possible!

I'm so glad that we got to experience the Baths by torchlight. Even with our (seemingly slightly overbooked) tour group - the whole thing had a hint of romance to it! Maybe it was all the soft light, but I think my date helped in that regard! :)

I think we'll try to go back during the day to take a bit of a slower mosey around the site (hopefully it won't take us too long to do that, but it took us two years to go even once, so we'll see)! If you're interested in visiting yourself, make sure that you bring your camera! The site is absolutely stunning and the history behind the original baths and the restoration is captivating. I'm so glad that we finally made it and we can't wait to visit again!

Happy Tuesday!

Our tour fees were generously covered; all opinions, as always, are my own!

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